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Browse our collection of handmade women's crystal head chains today and treat yourself or a loved one to something special. Each item of our jewellery comes lovingly gift wrapped with FREE UK Delivery, as standard. Choosing and connecting with one of our crystal head chains is always a good idea, they are perfect to dance the night away during the summer evenings listening to your favourite band playing live. These stunning pieces use semi-precious gemstones with unique and powerful healing properties

Our collection of crystal head chains is being constantly updated, so be sure to check back regularly to shop these gorgeous styles!

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The Elegance of Xander Kostroma's Crystal Head Chains

Welcome to Xander Kostroma, where artistry and spiritual connection through jewellery meet. Designed in Lisbon, Portugal, and our warehouse is based in Swansea, Wales, UK. Our newest collection of crystal head chains is designed with aesthetic beauty and spiritual enlightenment in mind. From Amethyst to Quartz, each semi-precious gemstone is carefully selected to resonate with your unique energy. For further reading, read on.


Lapis Lazuli Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

The Lapis Lazuli crystal head chain brings forth the essence of truth and enlightenment. Its rich blue hue embodies wisdom and aids in connecting you with your higher self. Make a statement at any festival with a head chain that is as enlightening as it is beautiful. Revered by the Ancient Egyptians, it is one of the world’s oldest most known semi-precious gemstones.


Tigers Eye Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

The Tigers Eye crystal head chain offers a blend of grounding and uplifting energies. Its unique interplay of golden and brown shades adds a striking touch to your festival attire while empowering you with a sense of courage and clarity.


Black Obsidian Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

Wear the Black Obsidian crystal head chain to experience the ultimate spiritual mind, body, and Soul cleansing. This protective stone is your shield against negative energies, making it an excellent choice for your festival adventures boosting good vibes all around.


Turquoise Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

Experience serenity and balance with our Turquoise crystal head chain. This vibrant blue-green semi-precious gemstone enhances communication and intuition, making it the perfect Spiritual accessory for any festival experience.


Amethyst Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

Step into a realm of peace, tranquillity and mental clarity with the Amethyst crystal head chain. Its radiant purple hue is more than just eye-catching; it helps to calm your mind and deepen your spiritual insights.


Citrine Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

Illuminate your world with the Citrine crystal head chain. Known as the stone of abundance and prosperity, it brings a spark of joy and creativity to your festival look, amplifying the positive energies around you.


Quartz Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear

Finally, our Quartz crystal head chain serves as a universal healer. This crystal’s clear, luminous nature amplifies intentions and energies, making it a must-have for any Spiritually inclined festivalgoer.


Embrace Your Unique Self with Xander Kostroma

Each crystal head chain from Xander Kostroma is handmade by our talented in-house jewellery makers ensuring that you receive a piece of the highest quality and as unique as you are. Let your true Self shine through with our collection of festival headwear-inspired pieces and feel the resonance of each carefully selected crystal. Experience the transformative power of Xander Kostroma's crystal head chains today while you dance the night away.