From the work studio to the final campaign image - all of our jewellery can be traced directly back to the source. When we say we hand-make every piece sold, we really mean it!

Lydia (there's more about her in the "About" section), is an expert jewellery maker and is responsible for making each piece sold in our collection.

  • Hand made jewellery by Xander Kostroma - Rattan Earrings
  • Ethics - Handmade by Xander Kostroma.png
  • Ethics - Handmade by Xander Kostroma .png
Hand made by Xander Kostroma - Dark Green Geometric Earrings

#FashionRevolution Just ask: Who made my bag?

As part of our AW collection, we teamed up with a small, family-run factory based in Wenzhou City. We asked them specifically to produce our 100% cotton shoppers.

We chose this factory because they resonated with our own ethics on both a personal, and a moral level.

As a company, we strive to give opportunities to independently run, small businesses (like us!) where each employee is treated with respect and is counted as more than just a number.

Fashion Revolution - #WhoMadeMyClothes?

#FashionRevolution Just ask: Who made my hat?

Our agents conduct thorough audits of all of our accredited suppliers who manufacture our accessories. We want you to ask - who made this?

Fashion Revolution - Xander Kostroma - I made your hat

Our fascinators were made at an all-female factory in Nanyang, China.

Xander Kostroma - Ethics
Xander Kostroma - Ethics
Xander Kostroma - Ethics

The Living Wage Foundation for Wales

We're an active member of The Living Wage Foundation meaning we recognise that minimum wage isnt enough to live on. We actively pay above the mininimum wage to all of our employees and contracted staff. You can learn more about The Living Wage Foundation by clicking HERE.

Xander Kostroma is an active member of The Living Wage Foundation for Wales

Our packaging is also produced at a majority all-female factory.

...& we finish everything by hand, not to compromise on quality.