Womens Winter 2023 Collection


  • XK436 (lookbook)
  • XK444 (lookbook)
  • XK443 + (XK439) (lookbook)
  • XK438 (lookbook)
  • XK442 (lookbook)
  • XK441 + (XK437) (lookbook)
  • XK440 (lookbook)
  • XK439 (lookbook)
  • XK437 (lookbook)
  • XK431 (lookbook)
  • XK435 (lookbook)
  • XK434 (lookbook)
  • XK432 (lookbook)
  • XK430 (lookbook)
  • XK429 (lookbook)
  • XK428 (lookbook)
  • XK427 (lookbook)

    For my final collection of the year, I took things back down to Earth, I went back to nature which led me to the mushroom. In my private life, I was researching the (claimed) healing properties of mushrooms; how they help fight diseases such as Alzheimer's and how they can improve your overall well-being if eaten daily - it reminded me that life should be fun! So, the "Mushroom Party" collection was born. For this collection, I also made a brand new category - crystal hair clips. My wooden hair clips from a few seasons ago had all but sold out and I wanted something new and fresh to replace them with, I was still playing with colour so I combined the two elements.

    - Xander Kostroma