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Picasso Jasper offers a range of healing advantages from alleviating stress, and helping with emotional healing, to enhancing self-assurance. Additionally, Picasso Jasper is an ideal semi-precious gemstone for individuals dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious.

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Picasso jasper is a unique and artistic crystal that inspires creativity and self-expression. It is a variety of jasper that has abstract patterns and colours, resembling the paintings of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. It is also known as the "stone of transformation" or the "stone of courage", as it can help you to embrace change and overcome challenges.

At Xander Kostroma, we have a unique collection of picasso jasper jewellery that will make you feel confident and original. Our picasso jasper collection is handmade using fairly sourced grade A* crystals and is finished with 925 sterling silver. We hand select each crystal ensuring the supreme quality.

Picasso jasper jewellery is not only eye-catching, but also beneficial for your mind and spirit.

It can help you to:

- Stimulate your imagination and artistic skills

- Express your individuality and authenticity

- Enhance your communication and social skills

- Release stress and negative emotions

- Support your personal growth and transformation

- Boost your courage and motivation

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