Womens Pre-Fall 2023 Collection


  • XK408 (lookbook)
  • XK411 (lookbook)
  • XK407 (lookbook)
  • XK413 (lookbook)
  • XK412 (lookbook)
  • XK409 (lookbook)
  • XK410 (lookbook)
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    Feeling content with my previous SS23 collection, I knew I wasn't done exploring colour just yet. I continued the theme from summer into Pre-fall. Crystal pendants have always been one of our best-selling categories so I kept this range tight yet bright. I made just 2 styles of pendants - the mini and maxi - in a range of colours. I loved the simplicity of it yet, when viewed all together, this collection was loud and it spoke volumes. Fundamentally - we shouldn't be afraid to express who we are and colour is the perfect way to go about it.

    - Xander Kostroma