About Xander Kostroma

Anything in your life is possible.

Xander is inspired by the world around him. His brand reflects his love for nature using elements of wood, rattan and natural stones. Check out the full collection over at Lookagain.co.uk.

Xander firmly believes that: Anything in life is possible. No matter what your background, you just need to focus on what you want, believe you already have it and then you will create it. 

Sound interesting?!

He'd love to hear from you! DM him @XanderKostroma on Instagram.


Meet the tea - Xander Kostroma
Xander - Company Founder
Meet the team - Lydia
Lydia - Jewellery Production Manager
Meet the team - Tory
Tory - UK Warehouse Manager

All the design and development starts in Xander's home studio in Portugal. Once a style is finalized, production is passed over to his friend Lydia, who’s based in Handen City, where she begins the process of making all our jewellery. Lydia manages everything from start to finish which includes sourcing all raw materials prior to production to exporting the final packaged goods to Tory, our Warehouse Manager based in Swansea, Wales. Tory receives all product and it's from the adjoining office at our warehouse, that all orders are packed and shipped out.

Xander and Tory are good friends for more than 15+ years! Funny story, they met and bonded in a bush at a day festival in Swansea. Tory was dressed as a butterfly while Xander (as he usually is) was lost trying to find the stage.


Xander was born into a single parent, working class family in Swansea, Wales. Aged just 16, he found himself homeless. Thick skinned, he knew that his first priority was to find a way to earn money. He got a job working nights as a pot washer at a restaurant, and during the days he continued his studies in school. A year later, he got accepted at a more stable job working in Marks & Spencer's on the weekend where he was assigned to the coffee shop.

Around a year later, Xander was promoted to store Visual Merchandiser which was where his interest in fashion began. Moreover, he realized he loved jewellery and accessories and became almost obsessed with learning everything he could about the brand "Per Una".

At 19, he left M&S and started his first business selling ex high street clothing on eBay. Aged 21, Xander got accepted into Swansea university studying Surface Pattern Design wanting to develop his fashion technical skills further. He completed his HND before going on to launch his first label Emi Jewellery in 2009.

His interests continued to grow.

Late 2010, Xander decided to move back into corporate. Using the skills he had acquired from his eBay business, he got offered a job working as an Assistant Merchandiser in Head Office for JD Sports in Manchester. He lived in Manchester until 2012 after receiving a job offer from Vans, the company that ultimately brought him to Switzerland. He worked at VF International until 2014 before going on to found his company Xander Kostroma Fashion Ltd in 2015. In the spring of 2018 he launched his "Xander Kostroma" collection. During the 2020 global pandemic Xander relocated from Switzerland to Lisbon, Portugal where he works until today.

  Xander Kostroma's little dog, Luna
About Xander Kostroma
Xander's "concentrating face"
About Xander Kostroma jewellery and accessories
The finished sample before production
About Xander Kostroma
Xander working with recycled plastic