6 Chances to Win 1 of 15 Stunning Suncatchers by Designer Xander Kostroma - Enter Now!

6 Chances to Win 1 of 15 Stunning Suncatchers by Designer Xander Kostroma - Enter Now!

Imagine the joy of watching the vibrant colours dance in the sunlight from your new crystal suncatcher as it casts a magical aura in your living space. This dream can become a reality, as you have not just one, but six chances to win one of these magnificent pieces. These exclusive chances are presented to you by some of the most popular UK magazines in the industry, namely Celebs Now, What's on TV, Woman Magazine, Woman's Weekly, Woman's Own, and Life Death Prizes!

About the magazines

Celebs Now, a magazine dedicated to all things celebrity, offers you the chance to bring a touch of elegance to your home with one of Xander Kostroma's suncatchers. With its vibrant readership and celebrity-focused content, this magazine presents a unique opportunity for fans to add a touch of stardom to their lives.

What's on TV, a publication catering to television enthusiasts understands the importance of captivating visuals. By teaming up with Xander Kostroma, they offer readers a chance to win a suncatcher that will create a mesmerizing interplay of light and colour, enhancing the viewing experience of their homes.

Woman Magazine, a source of inspiration for modern women, recognizes the power of artistic expression. By partnering with Xander Kostroma, they provide readers with a chance to decorate their homes with a suncatcher that reflects their own unique style and personality, adding a touch of sophistication to their living spaces.

Woman's Weekly, a beloved publication known for its diverse content, aims to bring joy to its readers' lives. By featuring the chance to win one of Xander Kostroma's suncatchers, they offer an opportunity to brighten up any room with a piece of art that evokes beauty and tranquillity in one's life.

Woman's Own, a magazine that understands the desires and aspirations of modern women, provides its readers with an exclusive chance to own a suncatcher designed by Xander Kostroma. With its focus on lifestyle and personal growth, this collaboration inspires women to infuse their surroundings with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Life Death Prizes, a magazine that explores the extraordinary and intriguing aspects of life, invites readers to participate in a unique competition. By giving away one of Xander Kostroma's suncatchers, they offer a chance to experience the magic, reminding readers to appreciate the beauty in every moment.

These six magazines provide numerous opportunities to win one of 15 suncatchers by Xander Kostroma, ensuring that readers from various backgrounds and interests have a chance to bring a touch of magic into their lives. Whether you're an avid follower of celebrity news, a television enthusiast, a modern woman seeking inspiration, or someone intrigued by life's mysteries, there's a magazine that aligns with your interests and offers you the chance to win a unique and captivating suncatcher by Xander Kostroma.

To enter, click on your preferred magazine below. Good luck!


Xander & Co.

The competition closes 10th August 2023.



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