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In ancient times, Agate was seen as a traveller’s amulet and was believed to bring good fortune, health, and long life. This gemstone belongs to the quartz family and by wearing this deep reddish colour, some say that burgundy Agate can balance the body’s physical and mental states. Burgundy Agate is also said to help blood disorders and can eliminate toxins from the body, it is also used to influence the reproductive organs and has been used as a symbol of fertility.

Our collection of burgundy Agate crystal jewellery is constantly updated, so be sure to check back regularly to see the new additions that have been added to our ranges.

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Burgundy Agate is a stunning stone that features a rich burgundy colour with a smooth or textured surface. It is a warm and inviting stone that can help you enhance your passion, creativity, and courage. Burgundy Agate is also known to attract love, abundance, and success into your life.

At Xander Kostroma, we offer a selection of Burgundy Agate jewellery that will make you feel elegant and confident. Our Burgundy Agate jewellery is made with grade A* quality crystals and comes in an array of different styles and sizes. 

Burgundy Agate jewellery is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. It can help you express your personality, improve your mood, and achieve your dreams. Burgundy Agate is versatile and can complement any outfit and occasion.

Discover our collection of Burgundy Agate jewellery and find your best piece today. You will love the beauty and charm of this amazing stone.