The 108 black obsidian Mala bead necklace - a beautiful crystal necklace with so much meaning!

The 108 Mala bead necklace

Mala beads are more than just a pretty necklace. Each part of the Mala carries a specific meaning, which includes how many semi-precious stones are used during the making, to the tassel at the end. In this post, we’re going to learn more about each specific part of the Mala Necklace and the importance it plays during your meditation with intention setting.


Mala necklaces are made using 108 beads. You can also find pocket Malas in the market that are made in multiples of 9 so for example you can find them with 27 or 54 beads. Why in multiples of 9? Well, the number 9 is a sacred number as it represents completion (although it's not the final ending), the number 9 is said to complete one cycle. In Buddhism 108 represents the number of mortal desires of mankind that one must overcome to achieve Nirvana, for this reason, and many others, the Mala necklace is a great tool to use in meditation.

The knots – a high-quality mala necklace will have hand-tied knots between each bead. These knots are important because they allow the finger to glide easily over each bead when the Mala is being used during meditation. The knots also create space to protect the semi-precious crystal stones from rubbing against one another. The knots also help to secure your Mala should the inevitable happen and the string break, you will not lose your beads.

The Guru bead(s) – our Mala necklaces have 3 Rudraksha seeds at the base. These beads are the Malas’ 109th beads and they are not counted as part of the total 108 Mala beads. The Guru is the teacher. These beads are said to hold your prayers and intentions. 

The tassel – Mala Necklaces are finished with a tassel which is often made from cotton or other natural materials. The tassel represents the connection to the spirit or your higher truth. You can choose not to have a Mala Necklace with a tassel at the end, you may also choose a larger Guru bead or you could finish with a charm instead, however, it is our preference to finish our Mala necklaces with a tassel. 

Finally, the semi-precious stone used - In this case, we have used Black Obsidian. This stone is a truth-enhancing stone and is also a protective stone. Black Obsidian can be used to block negative energy in the environment around you. Black obsidian crystal stimulates growth and is said to open new horizons for the wearer. Black Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and helps clear confusion. Black Obsidian can also be used to dissolve emotional blockages and can help with clearing past traumas while promoting compassion and strength in the wearer.  


Start by holding one of the Guru beads and set your intention for the meditation, then slowly, move along the Mala breathing or counting (as you prefer) each stone. Continue your practice until you reach the opposite Guru bead from where you started. Give thanks and close your practice. There is no time limit for how long you should take. Go at your own pace, always bringing your focus into the present.

We hope this short guide has helped you to understand the Mala bead necklaces a little more deeply, from the meaning of the 108 stones to the tassel at the end. Owning and using a Mala necklace in your meditation practice can bring so much meaning and help you along your personal journey.  Remember, take it slowly and set your intention and you will get along just fine with this gorgeous necklace.



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