Keyicon-themes crafts and decor cater to boa Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations and Halloween. 

Hispanic LatAm Pinterest Trends (CL, CO, AR, MX) showed a 57% YoY increase in searches for "decorations day of the dead ideas" (October 2022). Global Google trend searches reported a 23% interest over time for "skull decor" (October 2022).

Words by Joanna Thornhill.

How to action this...

Use skull shapes as a starting point for DIY projects, including colourful variations and a monochrome version to accommodate multiple celebrations. Design craft sets with plain faces for the maker to customise via colour, print and pattern, such as masks, ornaments or piñatas.

Provide kits that nod to the season vet are broad enough in design to be displayed outside of a single date, such as macramé and felting that can translate to other gift ideas.

If you're interested in stocking the skull tree decorations in your boutique, please get in touch with us HERE.



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