Combining Elegance and Functionality: Stainless Steel Tea Strainers with Raw Crystal Stone Accents

Crystal Tea Strainers by Xander Kostroma

Combining the practicality of stainless steel with the elegance of crystal, the stainless-steel tea strainers with raw crystal accents by Xander Kostroma offer a unique and versatile option for tea enthusiasts. This fusion of materials results in a functional yet visually appealing piece that brings together the best of both worlds, catering to aesthetic sensibilities and functional brewing requirements for your favourite cuppa.

Stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, forms the foundation of these tea strainers. The stainless steel mesh provides effective filtration, ensuring that loose tea leaves are kept out of the tea while allowing the infusion to flow freely. This robust material is perfect for regular use, as it withstands the rigours of brewing without compromising its structural integrity.

The addition of the crystal decorations introduces a touch of sophistication and keeps the connection with Mother Earth. The raw crystals are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also create a stunning interplay of light and colour, elevating the overall presentation of the tea ritual. This visual enhancement makes these strainers suitable for a wide range of occasions, from casual daily tea enjoyment to "Withcy" gatherings. 

One of the benefits of using stainless steel is the ease of maintenance. Stainless steel is non-reactive and easy to clean, ensuring that flavours and odours from previous brews do not linger. A quick rinse is usually sufficient to keep the strainer in pristine condition. The crystal elements are securely attached to the strainer, and can be moved to one side during the cleaning process.

Furthermore, the combination of stainless steel and crystal ensures that the strainer's functional aspects remain at the forefront. The robustness of stainless steel mesh guarantees effective filtration, producing a clear and smooth cup of tea that retains the flavours and aromas of the brew. The crystal decorations, while enhancing the overall appeal, do not compromise the strainer's core purpose.

However, it is worth noting that crystals should not come into direct contact with food or beverages that you plan to consume.

Amethyst crystal tea strainer by Xander Kostroma
Amethyst crystal tea strainer by Xander Kostroma
Citrine Tea Strainer by Xander Kostroma
Citrine Tea Strainer by Xander Kostroma
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tea Strainer by Xander Kostroma
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tea Strainer by Xander Kostroma

Our crystal tea strainers come in a variety of popular crystals such as Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz with many new stones being added to the collection shortly. Check out our full collection of crystal tea strainers in our brand new crystal homeware category on the website and bring the joy of crystal magik to your daily cup of tea.


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