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This women's crystal SS24 collection by Xander Kostroma features Citrine, Quartz and Howlite.

I used Citrine for joy, Yellow Jade for good energy and confidence with touches of Quartz to amplify these qualities. I balanced it with Howlite to connect us to our Higher Selves. I was yearning to make a collection in yellow as this is such a fun and happy colour and, it's connected directly with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is said to govern our sense of Self-worth and personal power. For me, this is true after what felt like such a long winter. I felt like bursting out of the cocoon I had created for myself, ready to take on the new season. I hope you love my new collection as much as I enjoyed making it.

- Xander Kostroma

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The Crystal Collection Edit by Xander Kostroma is a curation of pieces carefully selected by Xander that promote relaxation, mental clarity, emotional balance, and self-awareness. The collection features styles from across the range such as crystal necklaces, crystal suncatchers, comfy pashminas and more! The collection is updated every month with new additions. Shop the latest collection by Xander Kostroma to find your inner calm today.

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