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  1. Xander Kostroma Valentines Day 2023 Gift Guide Review x Yeah Lifestyle!

    Review by Lex Ward from Yeah Lifestyle!



    Quartz crystal jewellery is a popular gift for Valentine's Day because Quartz is associated with positive energy and healing properties. The clear, sparkling appearance of Quartz is said to represent clarity and purity, making it a symbol of love and devotion.

    Quartz crystals are also believed to have the ability to amplify energy, promoting healing and balancing of emotions, making it a thoughtful gift for someone you care about. Additionally, Quartz is a versatile stone that can be made into various forms, such as jewellery, home decor, and sculptures, providing a range of options for gift-giving.


    Lex Ward writes:

    Xander Kostroma® has a range of different crystal jewellery pieces all with differing properties some of which include, citrine for joy and creativity, labradorite for curiosity and escapism, Amythyst for trust and intuition and lapis lazuli for truth and wisdom, these are just a few available. So when you come to get the perfect gift for your love on Valentine’s day be sure to check what each crystal represents so that you can make the perfect match between you and your partner for the ultimate gift.

    To read the rest of her review, please head to the Yeah Lifestyle page.

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    Xander & Co.


  2. JATC Tradeshow, London

    Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at the highly anticipated "Just Around the Corner" tradeshow in London on the 8/9th Feb 2023.

    This event is a must-attend for businesses (both bricks and mortar stores and online companies) looking to stay ahead in their respective industries, a chance to discover new products and technologies, and network with industry professionals.

    As a leading supplier in the crystal jewellery sector, we're eager to showcase our latest collection and demonstrate the unique features and benefits of our crystal products. This is a great opportunity for our stockists to see our products in action and understand the value they bring to their customers.

    In addition to product demonstrations, in collaboration with Faire Wholesale, we'll also be launching some exciting new products at the tradeshow. The team at Faire will be on hand to answer questions, offer personalized support, and provide insights into the latest market trends and consumer preferences PLUS new subscribers to the Faire platform via our unique QR code will receive £100 to spend in our boutique (with no minimum spend) as well as FREE shipping for a year on all orders placed via Faire.

    Xander Kostroma x JATC Tradeshow, London 2023

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to see what we have to offer and take advantage of our exclusive deals and discounts available only at the tradeshow. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

    For more information about the "Just Around the Corner" tradeshow, visit the event website and make sure to mark your calendars for this exciting event.

    See you in London!

    Love, Xander & Co.


    Valentine's Day is a special occasion that is celebrated by couples around the world. It is a day to express love and appreciation for one's significant other. One way to do this is by gifting a piece of jewellery that symbolizes the love and connection between two people. Black obsidian stone is a unique and meaningful gifting option.

    Black Obsidian Jewellery Set by Xander Kostroma

    Black obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is formed when lava cools rapidly. It is a powerful and grounding stone that has been used in jewellery and other decorative objects for centuries. The colour of black obsidian is said to symbolize strength and protection, making it an ideal gift for Valentine's Day.

    Black Obsidian Choker Necklace by Xander Kostroma

    One of the benefits of black obsidian jewellery is that it is said to have healing properties. It is believed to help with emotional healing and protection, which can be beneficial for couples who have gone through difficult times. It is also said to help with physical healing and to protect against negative energy.

    Black Obsidian Heart Pendant by Xander Kostroma

    Black obsidian jewellery is also very versatile. It can be worn with casual or formal attire, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. There are many different types of black obsidian jewellery available in our collection, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This collection features both 14k gold plated metal and 925 sterling silver in a beautiful heart shape.

    Black Obsidian Jewellery Set by Xander Kostroma

    In conclusion, black obsidian is a unique and meaningful gifting option for this Valentine's Day. The stone is also believed to have healing properties as well as being both elegant and versatile. So, if you're looking for a special and unique gift to give your significant other this Valentine's Day, consider one of our pieces of black obsidian jewellery. It will not only make them feel special but also will be a beautiful reminder of the love you share.

    Shop our range of Black Obsidian Jewellery HERE.


    Xander & Co.


    Chakra jewellery is a popular form of spiritual jewellery that is said to balance and align the seven chakras in the body. The chakras are energy centres located throughout the body that are believed to govern different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these energy centres are balanced and aligned, it is said to bring about a sense of balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.



    Chakra Necklace by Xander Kostroma

    Chakra Necklace by Xander Kostroma

    One of the most popular forms of chakra jewellery is the chakra necklace. These necklaces typically feature seven different coloured stones or beads, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras. The stones or beads are arranged in a specific order, with the root chakra stone at the bottom and the crown chakra stone at the top.


    Chakra Bracelet by Xander Kostroma

    Chakra Bracelet by Xander Kostroma

    Another popular form of chakra jewellery is the chakra bracelet. These bracelets typically feature seven different coloured beads or stones, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras. Some chakra bracelets also feature a charm or pendant that represents the chakras.



    Chakra Jewellery Chart

    The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated with the colour red and is said to govern our sense of security and grounding. The sacral chakra, located just below the navel, is associated with the colour orange and is said to govern our sense of creativity and sexuality. The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen, is associated with the colour yellow and is said to govern our sense of self-worth and personal power. The heart chakra, located in the centre of the chest, is associated with the colour green and is said to govern our sense of love and compassion. The throat chakra, located in the throat, is associated with the colour blue and is said to govern our ability to communicate and express ourselves. The third eye chakra, located between the eyebrows, is associated with the colour indigo and is said to govern our intuition and spiritual awareness. The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is associated with the colour violet and is said to govern our connection to the divine and a sense of oneness with the universe.



    Chakra jewellery can be worn by anyone, regardless of their level of spiritual awareness or understanding of the chakras. Many people find that wearing chakra jewellery helps them to feel more balanced and grounded and can serve as a reminder to focus on their own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.



    There are many different ways to cleanse and charge your chakra jewellery. One popular method is to place the jewellery on a bed of crystals, such as clear quartz or selenite, and leave it overnight. Another method is to hold the jewellery in your hand and visualize each chakra as you repeat affirmations or mantras. You can also use sage or Palo Santo to smudge your jewellery, or simply cleanse it by placing it in a bowl of sea salt.

    Overall, chakra jewellery is a beautiful and meaningful way to connect with the energy centres of the body and promote balance and well-being.


    We hope you've enjoyed reading and learning more about our chakra jewellery.

    Click HERE to view all the styles of chakra jewellery available in our shop. We're constantly adding new styles to the website, so be sure to check back often.

    Love, Xander & Co.


    Crystal jewellery & suncatchers designed by Xander Kostroma

    What crystals work best for each Zodiac sign by Xander Kostroma

    Have you ever wanted to know what crystals work best for your Zodiac sign? Let's delve deeper into the 12 Zodiac signs. We highlight their element (fire, earth, air or water), we'll give you background information on the sign and most importantly, what item of crystal jewellery or crystal suncatcher may be most beneficial for you.

    If you feel you resonate with any of these, please leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts.


    ARIES - Bold and ambitious and the head of the fire sign. They are passionate, motivated, confident, and enthusiastic leaders. We've chosen the Gold Tone Curb Chain and Quartz Necklace for a bold statement look. The sturdiness of the chunky chain would withstand a mighty blow from the horns of the ram. The Quartz stone is known as the "Master healer" and is the most versatile, multipurpose protecting stone. 

    Browse all Quartz crystals.

    Gold Tone Curb Chain and Quartz Statement Crystal Necklace



    TAURUS - Taureans are an earth sign. They enjoy relaxing in a serene environment surrounded by soft, soothing sounds, creating a warm and loving grounded ambience so it was only natural that we chose the 925 Sterling Silver Raw Cut Rose Quartz Moon & Star Necklace. Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love and is a stone of the heart.

    Browse all Rose Quartz crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver Raw Cut Rose Quartz Moon and Star Necklace



    GEMINI - Playful and intellectually curious, Geminis are an air sign that juggles a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friendship groups perfectly. They are known as the "social butterflies" of the Zodiac and can talk to you about anything. We chose the 925 Sterling Silver Tigers Eye Pendant Necklace for our Gemini friends as the stone is perfect to focus the mind, aid in problem-solving, unclouded by emotions. 

    Browse all Tigers Eye crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver Tigers Eye Pendant Necklace



    CANCER - People born under this star sign are highly intuitive, empathetic and gentle-natured. Cancer is often said to be the most emotional of all of the 12 Zodiac signs. We've chosen the Gold Tone Chunky Hoop and Aventurine Earrings for this water sign. Aventurine stimulates the Heart Chakra and is a stone of luck that can encourage creativity which is perfect for those ruled by the moon.

    Browse all Aventurine crystals.

    Gold Tone Chunky Hoop and Aventurine Heart Earrings



    LEO - The Leo is a fire sign, they are the lion and the lionesses of the celestial jungle. Leos embrace their royal status with theatrics, vivacious and passion, often basking in the spotlight. We chose the Citrine Crystal Head Chain to compliment the lion's main. Citrine is perfect for Leo's wishing to turn their creative passions into service to others in the world. 

    Browse all Citrine crystals.

    Citrine Crystal Head Chain Festival Headwear



    VIRGO - Virgo is an Earth sign, they are practical, sensible and loyal. Virgos usually prefer more feminine tailoring and tend to have a deep-rooted connection with the material world. We chose the 925 Sterling Silver Raw Amethyst Stone Crystal Necklace for Virgo because this stone brings a unique spiritual element to the analytical mind of Virgo.

    Browse all Amethyst crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver Raw Amethyst Stone Crystal Necklace



    LIBRA - Libras are the balanced, level-headed air signs of the Zodiac and are represented by scales. They tend to find a place of love and harmony and have an appreciation for all things art and design. The perfect crystal for a Libra is turquoise as it promotes a sense of justice in the world. The Turquoise Stone Dropper Kidney Wire Earrings work best (one for each ear), perfectly balanced.

    Browse all Turquoise crystals.

    Turquoise Stone Dropper Kidney Wire Earrings in Gold



    SCORPIO - This water sign is famously discreet and mysterious. They are fearless, passionate and often creative. The Gold Plated Raw Crystal Aquamarine & Wrapped Blue Agate Suncatcher is perfect for the Scorpio because the blue hue of the Agate and Aquamarine crystals used aligns with this water sign, just like a flowing river.

    Browse all Aquamarine crystals.

    Gold Plated Raw Crystal Aquamarine and Wrapped Blue Agate Suncatcher



    SAGITTARIUS - People born under Sagittarius hold a unique and dynamic blend of passion, curiosity, intensity and adaptability. This fire sign is not afraid of confrontation and can be assertive when needed. The 925 Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace is perfect for Sagittarius because of its uplifting qualities. The Royal Blue of this beautiful stone is often said to represent the heavens above.

    Browse all Lapis Lazuli crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace



    CAPRICORN - The Capricorn person has a fearless ambition when it comes to their work ethic. They are persistent, practical and sensitive. Ruled by Saturn, they make success look effortless. This Earth sign would benefit from wearing the 925 Sterling Silver Black Obsidian Pendant Necklace as this powerful stone can support a Capricorn in achieving their dreams. 

    Browse all Black Obsidian crystals.

    925 sterling silver black obsidian necklace by Xander Kostroma



    AQUARIUS - This free-spirited and rebellious air sign tends to have unusual hobbies and a non-conformist attitude. They are highly intellectual, and creative and don't like to be instructed on what to do. The 925 Sterling Silver Blue Vein Stone Rattan Earrings are ideal for the Aquarius because the light and airy blue colour appeals to the element of their sign while the Blue Vein stone itself, gives power.

    Browse all Blue Vein Stone crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver Blue Vein Stone Blue Rattan Earrings



    PISCES - Pisces is known for being emotionally sensitive, gracious and emotionally aware. They are represented by 2 fish swimming in opposite directions which suggests the division of Pisces attention between reality and fantasy. A Pisces person would benefit from wearing the 925 Sterling Silver & Blue Agate Crystal Long Length Necklace to represent the calm, serenity and flow of this water sign.

    Browse all Blue Agate crystals.

    925 Sterling Silver and Blue Agate Crystal Long Length Necklace


    We hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about what crystals are good for each of the Zodiac signs. We are constantly adding new styles to the website so be sure to check out our NEW IN section to see what new crystal jewellery has arrived in our shop today.

    Thanks for reading!

    Love, Xander & Co.



  6. Modern Gardens x Xander Kostroma Airplant Holder

    On the eighth day of Christmas.... we teamed up with Modern Gardens Magazine to give one lucky winner a chance to #WIN a Salute to the Sun Crystal Airplant Suncatcher, worth £42.


    Modern Gardens x Xander Kostroma Airplant Holder


    To be in with a chance of winning simply: 

    1. Head on over to the POST on Instagram.
    2. Follow @moderngardens and @xanderkostromalifestyle 
    3. Tag a friend who loves their garden on the post.

    The competition closes at 4pm on Thursday December 15, 2022. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted directly by Modern Gardens via direct message.

    Not a winner? Shop our full range of crystal suncatchers and more on our website!

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    Good luck!

    Love, Xander



    Xander Kostroma with Spirit and Destiny

    The feature reads:

    Jewellery designer Xander Kostroma creates capsule collections of crystal jewellery and suncatchers using semi-precious stones, along with elements of wood and rattan. He finishes his creations with either 925 Sterling Silver or 14 karat gold-plated fittings. All the jewellery he produces is nickel- free and each piece comes lovingly gift-wrapped.

    Xander Kostroma®, the brand that bears his name, launched in the autumn of 2018 and is stocked in more than 470 independent boutiques worldwide, including British retailers and

    Xander firmly believes, ‘Anything in your life is possible! No matter what your background, you just need to focus on what you want, believe you already have it, and you will achieve it.’


    Competition closes on the 12th January 2023

    More info at:



    Xander Kostroma and The Belfast Telegraph


    We were so pleased to discover that fashion editor Aine Tonor from The Belfast Telegraph chose our 925 Sterling Silver Raw Cut Rose Quartz Moon & Star Necklace to feature in this month's fashion edit of the printed version of the national newspaper.

     Xander Kostroma and The Belfast Telegraph

    Xander Kostroma and The Belfast Telegraph

    The necklace is handmade in small batches and features a longer length 925 sterling silver chain with a raw cut Rose Quartz, the semi-precious stone pendant that is finished with silver edges. The necklace comes with a silver-tone moon and is complete with a twinkling star pendant to finish.

    Each piece is completely unique due to the natural formation of the materials used which is exactly why we think this is wonderful, and what makes it completely special to you.

    Click HERE to shop the style. £42 and delivered FREE in the UK and Northern Ireland.

    Shop all Rose Quartz jewellery HERE


    WGSN Trend report by Joanna Thornhill (blog)

    Keyicon-themes crafts and decor cater to boa Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations and Halloween. 

    Hispanic LatAm Pinterest Trends (CL, CO, AR, MX) showed a 57% YoY increase in searches for "decorations day of the dead ideas|" (October 2022). Global Google trend searches reported a 23% interest over time for "skull decor" (October 2022).


    How you can action this:

    Use skull shapes as a starting point for DIY projects, including colourful variations and a monochrome version to accommodate multiple celebrations. Design craft sets with plain faces for the maker to customise via colour, print and pattern, such as masks, ornaments or piñatas.

    Provide kits that nod to the season vet are broad enough in design to be displayed outside of a single date, such as macramé and felting that can translate to other gift ideas.

    Words by Joanna Thornhill.



    WGSN Trend report by Joanna Thornhill - Skull Tree Decorations by Xander Kostroma

    WGSN Trend report by Joanna Thornhill - Skull Tree Decorations by Xander Kostroma

    WGSN Trend report by Joanna Thornhill - Skull Tree Decorations by Xander Kostroma


    If you're interested in stocking the skull tree decorations in your boutique, please get in touch with us HERE.


    Mala beads are more than just a pretty necklace. Each part of the Mala carries a specific meaning, which includes how many semi-precious stones are used during the making, to the tassel at the end. In this post, we’re going to learn more about each specific part of the Mala Necklace and the importance it plays during your meditation with intention setting.

    Black Obsidian Mala Necklace by Xander Kostroma



    Mala necklaces are made using 108 beads. You can also find pocket Malas in the market that are made in multiples of 9 so for example you can find them with 27 or 54 beads. Why in multiples of 9? Well, the number 9 is a sacred number as it represents completion (although it's not the final ending), the number 9 is said to complete one cycle. In Buddhism 108 represents the number of mortal desires of mankind that one must overcome to achieve Nirvana, for this reason, and many others, the Mala necklace is a great tool to use in meditation.


    Black Obsidian Mala Necklace by Xander Kostroma


    The knots – a high-quality mala necklace will have hand-tied knots between each bead. These knots are important because they allow the finger to glide easily over each bead when the Mala is being used during meditation. The knots also create space to protect the semi-precious crystal stones from rubbing against one another. The knots also help to secure your Mala should the inevitable happen and the string break, you will not lose your beads.


    Black Obsidian Mala Necklace by Xander Kostroma 


    The Guru bead(s) – our Mala necklaces have 3 Rudraksha seeds at the base. These beads are the Malas’ 109th beads and they are not counted as part of the total 108 Mala beads. The Guru is the teacher. These beads are said to hold your prayers and intentions. 

    Black Obsidian Mala Necklace by Xander Kostroma


    The tassel – Mala Necklaces are finished with a tassel which is often made from cotton or other natural materials. The tassel represents the connection to the spirit or your higher truth. You can choose not to have a Mala Necklace with a tassel at the end, you may also choose a larger Guru bead or you could finish with a charm instead, however, it is our preference to finish our Mala necklaces with a tassel.

    Finally, the semi-precious stone used - In this case, we have used Black Obsidian. This stone is a truth-enhancing stone and is also a protective stone. Black Obsidian can be used to block negative energy in the environment around you. Black obsidian crystal stimulates growth and is said to open new horizons for the wearer. Black Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and helps clear confusion. Black Obsidian can also be used to dissolve emotional blockages and can help with clearing past traumas while promoting compassion and strength in the wearer.  



    Start by holding one of the Guru beads and set your intention for the meditation, then slowly, move along the Mala breathing or counting (as you prefer) each stone. Continue your practice until you reach the opposite Guru bead from where you started. Give thanks and close your practice. There is no time limit for how long you should take. Go at your own pace, always bringing your focus into the present.

    We hope this short guide has helped you to understand the Mala bead necklaces a little more deeply, from the meaning of the 108 stones to the tassel at the end. Owning and using a Mala necklace in your meditation practice can bring so much meaning and help you along your personal journey.  Remember, take it slowly and set your intention and you will get along just fine with this gorgeous necklace.


    Featured Necklace:

    Black Obsidian 108 Mala Bead Prayer Necklace with Tassel - £60.- with FREE UK Shipping included.

    Shop our full range of Black Obsidian jewellery HERE.