We’ve joined the #Ecobrick movement. What is it and how to take the first steps in combatting your (personal) plastic waste.

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Our household has joined the #Ecobrick movement!

Many of you will know that I’ve been combating single use plastic in my business for quite some time now. I’ve managed to get my business down to about 90-95% plastic free, (with my collection of Xander Kostroma Earrings being #plasticfree). My home life was still a little bit of an issue for me.

On average, my household throws away about 15L of non-recyclable plastics every 3 weeks. This is the total % of waste that goes to landfill. It includes (unfortunately) food compost as we live in an apartment and all other non-recyclables. It’s good, but it could be better, then I found out about Ecobricks.

~ So what is an Ecobrick?
Well, it’s just that, an environmentally friendlier (not perfect) way of disposing of your household plastic waste.

~ What do you have to do?
It’s simple:
All your single use plastics after you’ve done your food shop/used the food or whatever it was that was inside the plastic, you need to wash it, dry it & cut it up into manageable sized pieces which are small enough to fit though the neck opening of a bottle and start stuffing!

You’ll need a pokey stick & it helps if you turn the bottle as you stuff to compact it as best as you can. Each bottle has a specific minimum amount weight that it has to be filled to in order to make it compliant. EG a 500ml bottle needs to be at least 167g in weight and so on.

To get the minimum weight simply divide the bottle ml by 3 and you’re set so in this case its 500ml / 3 = 167g. Et voila!

~ How to pack?
Pick a colour first. The bottom of the Ecobrick is most important as this helps those after us when building with them. I’ve decided to separate my plastics by colour and then I will bulk cut + stuff once a week instead of doing it as I go along. You dont have to follow like me, you can fill them multicoloured and stuff on the go if that’s what works best for you or if you find you don’t have the space to store until you have enough to bulk fill a bottle in one go. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you follow the basic rule. Minimum weight per bottle and you’re set.

There are lots of projects accepting multicoloured bottles, especially in Europe. The single coloured bottles are more accepted in the Far East as there used to build structures and cost a lot less than using traditional building materials.

~ Then what?
Once you’ve got your first Ecobrick simply post it or take it to your local drop off point OR what’s even better is for you to start to build your own projects yourself!

There’s loads of guides on the website which can give you loads of ideas of what to build. You could build your own furniture or raised flower bed – the possibilities are endless.

We need to take responsibility for our plastic waste! …if you’re going to say something like “you don’t have time to cut all that plastic?” or Then BUY LESS PLASTIC! Simple as.

We have one Mother Earth, so look after her.

~ Xander

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