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I've been really inspired by the colour yellow this season. There is just something so fun and happy about it, the colour just makes me smile, it makes me feel really good...

For this new collection I have decided to change how we do business, read on.

In the past, when developing my collection for Emi Jewellery, I created the collections by collaborating with the factory in China. I would send off some inspirational images that caught my eye, and then the factory would propose to me styles that they had developed that fit the brief. Simple.

On some styles we would change EG the colour. On others maybe we would produce the style in a silver colour instead of gold. This was how I developed the collections. It never really went further than that.

When I first launched my label in 2018, the first 2 collections I produced for this brand. were made under the same terms as what I had always had done. I mean, while there isn't anything necessarily wrong in working this way, I just got bored with buying, I wanted to be more creative.

So for summer 2020, I've decided to change things up a bit...

Working with my agent Lydia, (who is based in China), she visited the Chinese markets in search of geometric, wooden components for us to buy in bulk and then assemble in-house. 

In the past, I've worked predominantly as a buyer (eg buying in a ready-made collection which is produced by a factory whereby you "buy" their designs and brand them as your own) I'd always wanted to try my hand at design and assembly.

So for this season, I ordered lots of components form the market in wood, rattan and cotton. I've assembled and developed about 30 styles for the new collection. The yellow really is speaking volumes to me right now.

These are all planned to go live over at Lookagain and Freemans from January so keep an eye out. I'll be posting lots of updates through my instagram account, and as always, my ears are always open to your feedback.


Summer 2020 Preview

Summer 2020 Preview


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